Visiting the Favelas December 15, 2014 01:06

Visiting the Favelas

During the summer I took a team of students to find out about projects in Brazil, especially in the favelas, in particular the shanty [...]
The Wall Street hustle November 30, 2014 00:02

The Wall Street hustle

Passivity and fear were the emotions which they exploited, we were witnessing extortion: a racket, a scam.   Steve Latham   My wife and [...]
Volk-Lore November 22, 2014 15:51


You have to be in the right mood to watch this film. It’s a bit grim. It’s not really the movie to eat popcorn [...]
Trans-fiction November 16, 2014 00:56


While I was in Edinburgh this summer, I spotted a shop called Transfiction. Initially, I thought it was a shop for trans-gender people, but [...]
Changing gay marriage November 9, 2014 19:56

Changing gay marriage

Conservative critics of gay marriage claim frequently that it threatens the institution of marriage as such.   Steve Latham   In response, supporters have [...]
Real “Gone girl” November 3, 2014 18:48

Real “Gone girl”

I was a little unsure before I went to see Gone Girl, persuaded by my wife to see it on one of our ‘date [...]
The boss of what? September 20, 2014 22:23

The boss of what?

Nearing the end of its run, “The boss of it all is a light, but witty”, confectionary written by Lars Von Trier. Originally a [...]
Living in Fractured Times September 14, 2014 19:49

Living in Fractured Times

Eric Hobsbawm’s posthumous book, Fractured Times, is a scintillating collection of essays covering the cultural history of Europe through the Twentieth Century.   Steve [...]
An Englishman for Scotland September 7, 2014 00:02

An Englishman for Scotland

When we were up in Edinburgh for the Festival, we expected there to be lots of references to the independence issue.   Steve Latham [...]
Regeneration as degeneration August 31, 2014 23:02

Regeneration as degeneration

During the Edinburgh Fringe, we stayed in a delightful apartment in Leith. Leith is the old port-town of Edinburgh.   Steve Latham   It [...]
“F” is for Fringe August 24, 2014 00:00

“F” is for Fringe

Visiting the Edinburgh Fringe, we went to several stand-up comedians; and we learned that bad language and explicit sexual references are endemic. In particular, [...]
Revelation of “Boyhood” August 17, 2014 18:45

Revelation of “Boyhood”

This is the latest film directed by Richard Linklater. Astonishingly, the movie was filmed over twelve years, taking thirty-nine days of shooting.   Steve [...]
Are we decadent? August 10, 2014 00:03

Are we decadent?

“Decadence” is usually a term used by right-wing people to castigate individuals and societies with whom they disagree, and whose lifestyle they disapprove of. [...]
Money rules July 21, 2014 00:03

Money rules

Society is being hollowed out by a set of non-values which are overwhelming ever other set of criteria for evaluating worth.   Steve Latham [...]
Playing with dragons July 12, 2014 21:35

Playing with dragons

How do we fill that vast expanse of empty time during the post-university phase of early adult life, before working out what to do [...]

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